marketing genius!

    According to my inbox, men are interested in: •Hot Asian chicks •Hot Russian chicks •Hot Filipino chicks AND MONSTROUSLY LARGER PENISES!     I cannot be Russian, Filipino, or Asian, but — GENIUS! I can totally sell larger penises.     All you have to put in the box is a magnifying glass […]


as long as the men are already pissed off

  Apparently I have upset a bunch of “nice guys” by re-posting the David Wong essay and now they are gathered on another board dedicated to “no hate talk” calling me ignorant and stupid, among other things. Fun! As long as people are all riled up though, here is Louis CK’s observations on women dating. […]


psa for the holidays or, pants, sass, & ass

  So. Men — Christmas is around the corner. Parties! Then New Year’s Eve. Parties! Then, be still my beating heart, Valentine’s Day. Party! [And that last one should be private.] Want a date for those parties? Then for the love of God, man, wear good jeans. [That is most likely what you will be […]


this post inspired by men who date badly

  Ahem — Things Men Shouldn’t Do On Dates : Announce you broke up with your long time steady three days ago — in the car before your date’s seatbelt is on or you turn the engine on. Tell your date you are on a budget — suggest she stick to the house salad and […]


evil luring breadsticks

  The other day — I heard a man on the television say men would not cheat if there weren’t so many women willing to be there for men to cheat with. This was on a talk show and a whole bunch of women in the audience nodded saying, “Yes, yes.” Like the whole answer […]