the i ching advises cosmetic surgery

  One time I asked the I Ching — If breast augmentation was a good idea. The I Ching said [I paraphrase] Go for it Babe, anything that makes you feel better about yourself is a good thing. I. Was. Appalled. I was expecting reason from the I Ching. Like, you know, someone or something […]


max's revenge

  Dear Aquarius With Cap Moon & Rising : Today the printer and toilet and dvd player will fix themselves, the June royalty check will be five times what you expect, you will miraculously find a new lightbulb stashed under the sink — right next to the dishwashing soap you thought was under there too, […]


susan's revenge

  The toilet handle broke off. I cut my foot on a piece of glass. A light bulb blew. My printer is eating envelopes. I know it is Susan. I will not crack though. I am hanging tough with the snub. Now I truly have to go to the hardware store which means get toggles […]


seduction assistance for the emotional

  Apparently — I am a limitless source of masculine despair. [That so cannot be good for my karma.] Fortunately also though I am a giver — and also self involved enough to want my karmic point spread higher than minus two-thousand-four-hundred-and-sixty-two — so I am providing assistance for the emotionally impaired distraught deranged disturbed […]


black lace, silver, sweat & cemetaries

  What Kind of Goth are You? You scored as Romantic Goth. You are a romantic goth, better known as a traditional goth. You are probably quickly identified as a goth by outsiders. Black lace, silver, sweat and cemetaries are just a few of your favorite things.   where the art work came from : […]


i dream electric

  I did not sleep last night. I needed those hours. For other things. I will sleep tonight. And dream.              


horoscope neglect

  So usually by this time Girl AJ and I would have loaded grenades and rocket launchers and body armor and gone in and checked horoscopes. And actually we did do that. We were loaded for bear — or Susan, whichever is scariest and having run into bear AND Susan it might be Susan since […]


while i was saving the world

  Dear Diary : Washed dishes. Took out trash. Did laundry. Battled forces of darkness. Saved the world. My socks are very fluffy.   [youtube=]  

Read More... to the rescue just sent me super model email. Really. They did. Unleash Your Inner Super Model. That is hilarious to me. Not only can I get tarot card readings to tell me about love and career, is plugged in and can get me spiffy skin cream that will fix both up in a jiff. Hey […]