my new orleans

    I’m thinking about New Orleans.   My favorite “New Awleen” heels, suede high heels that were purple and green and gold suede parrot shoes that everyone knew were my Mardis Gras shoes. About skies that have partial clouds passing overhead and you are in sunlight and then in rain and then in hot sunlight […]


liar liar

    When I was a kid growing up, adults said things to my parents like, “Oh your little girl is so pretty.” Or, “Oh, your little girl is so smart.” I just thought that’s what adults say to be polite.     Adults are total liars. Any kid knows this. They say food is […]


childhood vs. adulthood

  I have finally determined the line between female childhood and female adulthood. When I was twelve, all I wanted to do was fill out a bra. Now? All I want to do is avoid wearing a bra. Wait. Unless I am on camera, the bra is pretty, and I’m going crazy dancing. [Oh fuck […]


the christmas tulips

 For the early days — Of my life, flowers were always something someone else brought or gave to you. Mostly associated with men. And death.     Men came calling, men sent flowers. [Not for me, pervo, I was a little kid, jeez, for adult female relatives and family friends!] Loved ones died? People sent […]