black and white easter eggs

number four and easter eggs

I’m admiring Easter egg designs I will probably never rally myself at all to do. I like monochrome and black & white. Also foil eggs are really pretty. I’m pretty sure children would not be as excited about monochrome and foiled eggs. Children have really garish taste and like huge big splashy colors. I tell […]


marilyn returns

You knew I was not going to leave Marilyn sitting right? Well okay I have before but this move I am hanging the art. There is Marilyn. She is living in the entry hall and has a pretty spotlight. [All the wires are not tucked away yet. It’s a process. Quit it!] Marilyn’s background is […]


charlie scoops marilyn!

Charlie came out from behind and beat Marilyn and Rothko both out for the fame wall. He is like Smarty Jones. You don’t see him coming till he swooshes by. Charlie was supposed to go on the entry wall. Uh ohs. What do I put on the entry wall? See all those books on that […]


marilyn vs rothko

Art. It is a dilemma. The art is always fighting with feng shui too. The Marilyn and Rothko fight is about that. There is this spot of wall between two windows that is perfect for one big piece of art. The Marilyn piece would be perfect in that spot. So would the Rothko piece though. […]


justin trudeau paper doll!

This is too many kinds of awesome not to share. Dear Internetz: You’re welcome. :::click it::: :::you know you want to::: (not the leaf, you pervos, the picture, jeez!)