fun with corsets

    I saw this fun quiz referenced in a google search and then had to hunt like a ninja to find the actual quiz : What corset are you? “You are the Elizabethan-era corset. How refined.” [Why does it feel like the quiz snears when it says “refined”?]   :::take the corset quiz::: :::that […]


witch hunter robin hair

I am tired of my hair. I have thought about Witch Hunter Robin hair. I am not so sure that translates. Also it means growing hair out and wrapping it and every human I have seen try to pull off this look ended up looking really stupid. [Also I suspect you have to dress like […]


my imaginary boyfriend

  You were wondering — Who Mirco is, right? He comes up enough in convos around here I figure someone must be wondering. [I blame Sophia.] That is Mirco. My imaginary boyfriend. He even has a last name: Bergamasco. [Do not think it was even easy memorizing how to spell that either.] Since I do […]