whoa cool commercial

  Whoa. This is very very cool animation. Have I been watching the wrong channels or do I just watch at the wrong time of day night? I have never seen any of these and apparently there is a whole series — [The music is a little cheesy, it is actually better with the sound […]


garbo manga!

  This is — Pretty cool. Worth 1000 held a comp where artists took vintage movie star prints and turned them into manga images. My fave is Garbo. [Garbo is often my fave so this is not surprising but I really like how she turned out so it is not just Garbo bias talking there […]



  You are — Tinkerbell Oh you’re a trouble-maker and quite a little tease. But you’re still absolutely irresistable and you can go “straight on till morning.”   :::who’s your sexy inner cartoon babe:::   ps : if you are voting tomorrow and confused by all the rigamorole ads about the propositions on the california […]


maybe new hair

  I am thinking — About new hair. Specifically that new hair. Not that color. Not quite that blonde. But that cut. [Okay maybe that blonde. That could be fun.]   This happens at the crossover of every year. I do not make New Year’s resolutions. I make new hair resolutions. Last new year I […]


and so our story begins

I have been threatening forever to edjumicate you heathens on the Sailor Moon saga. So our story begins — [youtube=] And just for Stil, the origin explained [you crack me up] : Okay, for you Stil. In the beginning, a beautiful queen lived on the moon with her beautiful daughter and her court and ruled […]