cat girl


white catIf you were a pet —

You would be a cat.

Independent and aloof, you don’t like to be dependent on anyone.

And as for other people, you can take them or leave them. You often don’t care.

You live your life by your own rules.

And you have deep motivations that no one truly understands.



Why you would make a great pet :

You’re not needy or greedy… unlike other four legged friends.

Why you would make a bad pet :

You’re not exactly running down to greet people at the door.



What you would love about being a cat :

Agility and freedom.

What you would hate about being a cat :

Being treated like a dog by clueless humans.


:::what kind of pet would you be:::


where the art work comes from :
that is cat bw by breck road lover
[you should click that it is especially
elegant enlarged]

9 Responses to cat girl

  1. <– Monkey right here.

    But I don’t like to throw poop. Well, not actual poop anyway.

  2. max

    Why did I so know you would be a monkey?

    That is hilarious to me.

  3. You are the cat-est of all my friends. I knew that you’d be a cat without even looking.

    I am a pet monkey. I’m not sure if this is different from an ACTUAL monkey. I do like to throw poop, though; ask any politician I’ve been around!

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  5. max

    I so get Dave being a monkey but you? That does not seem quite right.

  6. “Being treated like a dog by clueless humans.”

    Ha ha ha cute!

    Or being humped by your owner!

  7. You Would Be a Pet Monkey

    Smart and unbridled, you are truly unpredictable… and a little crazy.
    You’re very playful and funny, but you’re also moody and aggressive.
    You’re have the personality of a wild animal, which is both scary and entertaining.

    Why you would make a great pet: You’re very smart and you know how to charm people

    Why you would make a bad pet: When you don’t get your way, you’re a bit of a monster

    What you would love about being a monkey: Playing interesting games with humans

    What you would hate about being a monkey: Not being quite smart enough to be a human!

    What Kind of Pet Would You Be?

    Hey! I resemble that remark!

  8. max

    I can totally see you and Dave as monkeys. Rain still does not strike me as a monkey.

  9. Well at least I’m not an elephant. Throwing poop is ok, eating it is a whole other story.

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