cat found!


This is too freaking hilarious I had to swipe it off Rain and also violate everything that is holy and aesthetic around parts celluloid blonde but it is too funny not to post —


cat found!


So… should we tell him?

I think not.



9 Responses to cat found!

  1. californiablogging

    Holy mother! I’ve always thought these stories were urban legends.

  2. Good god – what the hell is that?

  3. It’s a possum…but this reminds me of that urban legend about these tourists that go to Mexico and this lady finds this cute little dog and feeds it and takes care of it and sneaks it over the border to her house in…hmmm,let’s pick on Oregon.

    So the ‘dog’ gets sick and she takes it to the vet and not only does she find out the dog is pregnant…it’s a giant rat.

    Love that story.

  4. I wonder if the “owner” is offering a reward?

  5. max

    I am trying to imagine the poor bastard catching a wild possum.

    [This could be a Halloween joke if it is it is a damn good joke]

  6. Hey that is my cat. He is also known for taking long walks.
    Keep him.

  7. cvcobb01

    My bet is the guy who made the sign is in on the joke. It’s really played too straight (as in straight-faced, not the other thing).

  8. Has anybody called that number?

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