Say everyone is going to catch the premiere of Castle on Monday night right? [Say right or I will hurt you.] This is my friend Andrew’s show and also it has Nathan Fillion in it and you cannot go wrong with Nathan Fillion so see it yay!




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  1. Ummmmm “fiction leads to friction….” I like the sound of that. Very cerebral.

    Count me in.

  2. max

    Oh it will be great.

  3. Man, what a hunk! I’m going program my DVR right now.
    I like the premise and wow, love that line, “You know I’m wearing a gun?”

  4. Kym

    Mostly I don’t care I don’t have a tv but this and Dollhouse have me jealous of you flatlanders.

    Have you seen Dollhouse,Max? My mom recorded the first two shows and I plan to watch it soon.

  5. max

    I have not been watching Dollhouse. [Bad me but I saw part of one episode and it just was not like Buffy or Firefly it did not hit me with the “you need to watch this” thing.] You so need a better connection you could watch episodes on the computer if you had the bandwidth. We must figure something out you cannot miss a Nathan Fillion show.

  6. There’s a fan site you can catch up with all the latest info about the show at for those interested

  7. Love Nathan Fillion. I was really looking forward to Dollhouse. But it’s kinda disappointing. Still watching it though.

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  9. Ehhh….I tried to watch it. Let me get this straight: because the killer is using his books as the theme, the author gets to ride along during crime scene investigations…and on raids of the killers house (where presumably a deranged murderer is lurking). They wouldn’t just call him after the fact to get his input? That is moronic.

    I hope your friends show does well, because he is your friend…but the premise was inane enough I could only make it halfway through the first show.

    I thought Fillion did a good job with the character though. And the girl playing his daughter was solid.

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