cartoon day yay!

It is Cartoon Day yay!

calvin and hobbes

The first time I saw Calvin and Hobbes, that is the cartoon I saw. I cracked up big — wow I so remember the whack on the butt I got that day.

[Not the day I saw the cartoon, perv, the day I pulled that toll booth stunt.]

*Cartoon Day is an arbitrarily decreed day and has absolutely no set date or time I just make days cartoon days whenever I want oh the power.

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  1. Calvin and Hobbes RULE!

    My Mom use to read these too- only she didn’t laugh. She’d just look at me real funny when I walked by.

    Geeze…I wonder why?

  2. max

    Some people relate to Calvin because they know a Calvin. Some people relate because they are Calvin.

  3. Here’s a real life ” Calvin Moment” for you
    I had a some what rough weekend ( any day you have to take your husband to an emergency room is rough )… so I cheered myself up by standing in front of a security camera while I was waiting for the doctor and I peeled my eyelids back and started making a zombie faces.

    It was funny until I got home and found out I’d scratched my eyeball and now I have this red swollen eye.

    But you know…it was worth it.

  4. max

    LOL — that tape is worth cash.

  5. max

    Thank God you love Calvin & Hobbes, I would feel so alone if no one else was relating here. [Much like I felt the day I mentioned Battlestar in workshop chat and met complete and utter dead silence, oh the alienation!] Calvin is so straight out of my childhood every time he gets in trouble with the parents.

  6. Hey how can anyone not have SOMETHING to say about Battlestar? Love it, hate it, the show invites conversation.

    I find it too funny when WRITERS are at a loss for words.

    As for Calvin- he does get into it on the old home front doesn’t he?

    But have you seen the comics where Calvin’s Dad wiggs him out- like when he tells Calvin the Sunsets in Arizona and Calvin says wouldn’t the sun be to big

    So his Dad holds up a quarter and points out the sun is really small


  7. lol at Anita!

    I’m not a huge fan of cartoons but that was cute.

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