cartoon day yay!


wrong internet


where i nabbed that cartoon :
i nabbed that at rain’s

16 Responses to cartoon day yay!

  1. sulya

    Oh, max, you just made a crappy Wednesday morning quite a bit better. Thank you. LOL

  2. max

    I love this cartoon.

  3. Me too. But some people don’t, so I have to go leave comments on their blogs…

  4. max

    Well they are wrong. You have to take care of that. [wink]

  5. *Snorts* Superb. But, oh dear, I have been there and done that…

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  7. I do not know anyone like that. At all.

    *innocent look*

  8. That is some elegant shit.

  9. max

    Mr. Valliant. I have not seen you in a while.

  10. californiablogging

    Tee shirt!

  11. “Mr. Valliant. I have not seen you in a while.”

    I always around in the shadows.

  12. max

    Well that gives me a greater appreciation for shadows. [smile]

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