cartoon day yay!


And the first cartoon of 2008 is —

[drum roll]

Suicide Bunny versus Terminator.



terminator vs. bunny i


terminator vs. bunny ii


terminator vs. bunny iv


[It is possible I should not be yaying so hard it just occurred to me this is the January ten post and that is the evil ex-boyfriend’s birthday — considering this cartoon kind of sums up that relationship it is sort of an ironic sitch but oh well “ex” means “ex” so screw that — Yay!]


where the cartoon comes from :
that is from the book of bunny suicides
by andy riley

33 Responses to cartoon day yay!

  1. californiablogging

    Boo evil ex……go Bunny!

  2. max

    I never get tired of the bunny cartoons.

  3. Sarah Conner? LMAO. This was great. kim

  4. Everyday should be cartoon day.
    As long as it involves bunnies.
    and single cell life forms with guns

  5. max

    I cannot tell whether that kitten has discovered a stargate or taken up residence in a mortuary urn.

  6. Well…you know what I think I’m sure.

  7. Is the evil ex boyfriend the same guy you posted a picture of?

  8. Some sake will get it out of you, missy!

  9. max

    Yez — but you would have to administer it in person.

  10. max

    [Wait, aren’t you coming out here end of Jan?]

  11. Sadly, no. The Old Man changed his mind! That’s why he’s been cut off from – oh, never mind.

    Well, it was partly my decision too. I didn’t think flying out for four days was enough time.

    But definitely, some time this year. Where I shall administer it in person! mUhAhAhA

  12. max

    I was looking forward to that.

    [The old man is in so much trouble.]

  13. “I was looking forward to that.”

    How sweet!

    I would like to spend at least a week there so I can rent a car and drive around and imagine living there and check out apartments, too!

    Can that be done in four days?

  14. max

    L.A. is very large and broken into different areas. There is the beach area, that is Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu. There is the interior area, that is Beverly Hills and Hollywood and Hancock Park. Between those two there is Century City which is mostly businesses and medical centers and then Brentwood [yupped out] and Westwood [college town]. There is the area north and east of Hollywood, that includes Silver Lake and Los Feliz and further east Echo Park. Below and east there is Korea Town, cheap rent but not too safe. There is the Downtown area. There is the Valley, that includes Studio City, Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena. Somewhere in there I forgot Pacific Palisades [it is north west of Brentwood moving into Malibu territory] and I have left out the canyons. What it all means though is, L.A. is kind of huge and each of those areas if you are really looking is a day in itself so four days to see it all would be really pushing it. But just to sort of wander around and sight see a few of those areas would work.

  15. max

    [Stil, what the hell is that avatar?]

  16. Max, my apt management owns a building in Studio City. It’s quite famous, actually lol or rather, infamous.

    Oh, anyway, we’ll take more about this privately.

    The avatar? Guess….who.

  17. max

    Oh no you didn’t.

  18. Oh yes. I did. And I can’t stop laughing aloud about it! Thankfully, my walls are thicker than the ones at your old place, otherwise, the neighbors would call the men in white!

  19. max

    I am so creeped out. Put pumpkin back.

  20. Sigh…now you know how I feel on a 4x weekly basis…

  21. max

    How much would it cost to buy that gym?

  22. I have asked! But nobody knows…

    I was actually given a secret tour of all the back rooms..Max, it is so disgusting. All the space they could utilize but they don’t. Filthy and dirty.

    Sort of like my guest bedroom.

    Hey, if you are not working, why don’t YOU come visit here?


  23. max

    Well because I am not working. I cannot be spending cash on travel this strike could last a very long time.

    You know, if that gym is not serving another purpose like money laundering or something, it is pretty neglected find out who owns it and what they would want for it.

  24. I know the owners and they are there all the time.

    They are the ones who hired Meatwad. Because they are ALL FRIENDS.

    Oh! That is another story.

    As far as work and travel, I understand.

  25. PS Have you watched the The Sarah Connor Chronicles? It’s quite good! Summer Glau is in it, too.

  26. max

    I have not but if Summer Glau is in it I will I like her bunches.

  27. You’ve only missed one episode so it’s not too late to get caught up in it.

    It’s on Sunday evenings, not sure what time.

    She kicks butt in it! Also, the wife from 300 plays Sarah Connor.

  28. max

    Cool I will check it out.

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