cartoon day yay!


fred catOkay this cartoon —

Has a very scary title but it is hilarious go read it :

I Gave My Cat An Enema

Really. Go read it. You need the laugh and I am moving and also setting up winter classes to stave off impending strike wolves so kind of crazed.


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  1. californiablogging

    Super hilarious cartoon! Also, internet content producers really need to read about the writers strike in detail. Hope things work out well for you Max. Keep us posted on the classes, I’ll sign up!

  2. Kym

    Is being freed from enema duty worth cleaning up that mess?

    My jaws are aching from grinning so hard.

  3. max

    I love that cartoon.

    I am in the new place. It was a two part move and last night everything I owned slept on a truck while I slept on the floor — which I do not advise anyone already packing-and-carrying-achey try at home — but I am in and have the cable and computer up and running and the bed is up too no floor tonight yay!

    [Nobody look at my hands they are scary trashed.]

  4. Yay! You are in the new place and already back online.

    Use the Shui, Max, the Shui. You probably already have your tidy desk all set up and ready to tease us sloppy desk people with photos of it.

  5. max

    The desk is a little out of control for me. I am using a yellow pages as the mouse pad — but hey, the orchid is up.

    [I just worrry about how sassed out AJ will get if the wall board takes too long to go up.

    Oh, also, the place that looked best for the desk is union and that seemed semi unsane though way reflective of me but we were moving fast and I just said, the desk goes there, and it looks really nice here.]

  6. Why did that guy choose the DININGROOM TABLE on which to give his cat an enema? Also: who lets anyone of any species sit their nekkid butts on the table off which you eat? Can you say “Snail trail” people?

  7. max

    You and I think that way. This guy had to learn the hard way. “Gee, maybe cat enema should not be done the the dining room table. Ya think?”

  8. Yay on being in the new place!

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