cartoon day yay!


tea pot o’ death


where the cartoon comes from :
that is from

15 Responses to cartoon day yay!

  1. Nice. I like this cartoon that I just found!

  2. chuckle..hi max…i have a brother like that

  3. sulya

    Very funny. Dark. And, oddly enough for something so sparse, layered too.

    You have a knack for finding such things I believe (smile).

  4. max

    That or they find me. [smile]

    It reminds me of the writer joke.

  5. sulya

    Do I ask what is the writer joke of which you speak or wait for tomorrow’s post? (wink)

  6. max

    I thought I told it in chat one night. I will post it.

  7. max

    Okay Sulya the writer joke is up just for you. Hopefully it is funny in spite of the hour.

  8. Boy, Max — are we obsessed with killing family and friends as of late?

  9. max

    Hey I did not write the cartoon I just thought it was funny. [Can they convict for that?]

  10. Oh – but since you’ve been elevated to goddess status I’m sure you’ll get a pardon.

  11. max

    That or burn in pagan flames. [wink]

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