cartoon day yay!


bunny vs. alien

Okay I have a perverse enchantment with violent rabbits.


:::part i:::
:::part ii:::

where the cartoon comes from :
that is from the book of bunny suicides
by andy riley

13 Responses to cartoon day yay!

  1. Guess it’s better than being perversely enchanted by violet rabbits…

  2. I won’t steal it, I won’t steal it, I won’t steal it, I won’t steal it, I won’t steal it, I won’t steal it, I stole it!
    So I’m weak.

  3. max

    The Book of Bunny Suicides is one of the funniest books in the world.

  4. Daily Goal for 6-4-7

    Learn something about Art that does not include a smarty pants commentary about the importance of stick figures to the rebel ‘Art aficionados’ of the world


    Thank You Max!


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  6. Did that rabbit just kick that poor alien right where it counts?

    I’ve got this incredible urge to try hassenpfeffer all of a sudden.

  7. max

    Yes that rabbit did that so cracks me up.

  8. I never knew rabbits could be so cruel.

  9. max

    There is another panel where the aliens come back with laser guns extremely mad and the rabbit just waits. But my favorite is the rabbit giving the alien a kick.

  10. Oh, post that one please!

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  12. Olivia

    i love this book

    i think its reli funny!

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