cartoon day yay!




where that cartoon comes from :
that is from truthdig

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  1. Kym

    Ooo, good one.

    We had better get some decent health care changes this time.

  2. max

    Damn straight. This is so overdue.

  3. Ben

    Max… The news today mentioned that Humboldt County has the highest percentage of residents with health care debt in California. 40% of residents are paying off health care debt.

  4. max

    California is something like 8th in the nation for income and has some staggering number like 6 out of 10 people carrying medical debt. Which I totally get, I had a $10,000 medical bill kicked back at me by Blue Cross labeled “pre-existing condition,” been there done that.

  5. “40% of residents are paying off health care debt.”

    Okay. So I was looking at my credit report last night and all the bad parts of it and wouldn’t you know it’s all health care…debt.

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