cartoon day yay!

feminist bookstore by john callahan


where the cartoon comes from :
that is by john callahan
he is one of my favorite cartoonists

14 Responses to cartoon day yay!

  1. Ha!

    I have nothing.

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  3. Stiletto

    Big, fat, ugly and dikey looking. No surprise about the stereotype, really.

  4. Sorry! So mean sometimes when I drink!

  5. max

    You have been lacing that white wine with tequila haven’t you?

  6. No. Red wine. Pure. On near empty stomach.

    Just as obnoxious and potent. And I’m wishing that I’m in Cali time rather than have it be 1 freakin’ am here!

  7. It’s not my fault I get crazy obnoxious when I drink. The Weasel infiltrated and siphoned my wholesomeness and turned me into a formerly battered and demented meanie!

  8. max

    It is 11 pm here but it is going to be a long night on my end you will probably get more sleep than I will. Or not. You keep some pretty late hours there sometimes.

  9. How many radical feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?


  10. max

    Yay! Feminist humor. Yay!

    [We need so much more of that.]

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