cartoon day yay!




where i nabbed that cartoon :
i nabbed that cartoon at kitty’s

who created that cartoon :
that is by kate beaton

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  1. That is one of my favorite cartoons in the history of ever.

    We’ve been at it for two weeks now “Aw yeah, All dis [name it, it’s ours] fo’ me.”

    Today it was points on the XBox 360 game “1 VS 100” which is a free online quiz game.

  2. max

    It totally rocks I had to grab it right away.

  3. Max! Don’t take the cartoo-

    aw, shit.

  4. max

    Aw yeah all dis cartoon fo’ me!

  5. max

    [One of these days I am nabbing your ponies saying “fish pee in that” cartoon btw Rain I have that saved somewhere on the hardrive.]

  6. aj

    There is a sequel coming where the kid in the hat knee-caps the fat kid.

  7. max

    Has anyone else noticed that kid has a Cajun accent?

  8. It’s James Carville. He’s much shorter than most people think.

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