cartoon day yay!




where i found that nifty cartoon :
i nabbed that nifty cartoon from anita marie

where that nifty cartoon comes from :
that nifty cartoon comes from icanhascheezeburger

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  1. Dan

    Ha! Me too. I love Batman.

  2. max

    I just love this. I makes me laugh really hard every time I look at it.

  3. It sure is funny – on the promo tour for my latest novels I claimed one of them to be the obvious mix of “Batman meets Baudelaire” – I got some laughs from the audience

    please check them out at:

    ( I wrote one of them while taking your course, Max – thanks for the inspiration!)

  4. max

    I am always happy to the named source inspiration for a creative man.

  5. LOL
    I will never get tired of this one.

  6. forkboy1965

    I had a good snort when I saw this the other day on cheezeburger, and it’s just as good the second time round.

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