cartoon day yay!


dog cartoon


where that cartoon comes from :
that is from

26 Responses to cartoon day yay!

  1. And about your cat…

  2. that is so wrong. and i like it so much.

  3. max

    It is almost as good as the teapot cartoon.

  4. The tragic thing is…
    I know people like that.

  5. Oh, wow! This is the greatest blog post EV-AR! It’s mindblowingly fabulous.

    Um…about your script…

  6. max

    LOL — what about my script?

    [Boy when they say the writer is the last to know they really mean it if you know something I do not.]

  7. sulya

    raincoaster, I hope you know that when max says “what about my script” she’s saying it with brass knuckles and a menacing, if terribly sexy, leer.


    Very funny cartoon, by the way miz max.

    I’m now going to go check on my cat…

  8. max

    Ahem. I do not “leer.”

  9. sulya

    …and a menacing, if terribly sexy, grin?
    …and a menacing, if terribly sexy, stare?
    …and a menacing, if terribly sexy, flip of her hair?

    (don’t think for a second that I didn’t notice you took no objection to the brass knuckles, by the way…)

  10. sulya

    that was supposed to be either “took no exception” or “made no objection” *sigh*….

    tea first.
    then type.

  11. max

    Dirty old men leer.

    I sneer.

  12. The boy in the yellow reminds me of my brother.

    ‘Nuff said.

  13. [Now checking wallet]

  14. sulya

    fair enough about the dirty old men but the definition of the word leer when used as a noun – which is what I did (and yes I looked it up before I used it and yes I know I’m a freak) is: “A desirous, sly, or knowing look.”

    I guess I figured that with the brass knuckles handy and not knowing exactly what was afoot you might not want to show your hand with an outright “sneer?”

    Having said that I ain’t got nothin’ against a good sneer.
    Sneering defnitely works. (wink)

  15. max

    You did not just pull out a dictionary and try to learn me my English. I know you did not do that because someone would get walloped if you did that and I am wearing brass knuckles.

  16. sulya

    I looked it up before I posted the original use of the word leer as a noun so that I wouldn’t have to get schooled by you or anyone else myself actually…

    But believe what you like there beautiful cuz I switched your real brass knuckles out for foil wrapped chocolate ones when you weren’t looking.

  17. max

    I am not discussing word usage in a fun cartoon topic.

  18. sulya

    I was just playing around, max. I guess I’ll go check on my cat again.

  19. Foil wrapped chocolate? Oh I am biting into Max’s hand!

  20. max

    [I blame Sulya for this]

  21. Don’t worry. No rabies here.

  22. max

    Will it make my “what you are worth in bed” score go up? I just know I lost points for not enough bi action.

  23. Being bi is hugely over rated.

    Not that I would know.

  24. [You were talking about being biracial, right?]


  25. max

    Um, bivalves. That is it. I was talking about Moluska. For science.

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