carousing with stiletto


christmas legsStiletto hit Hollywood last night.

We caroused.

Stil is total man candy and we missed a reception and movie because a cab driver lusting after her held her hostage for an hour on strategically chosen too congested streets in what should have been a ten minute cab ride. He was hot too she made me come see how hot he was but he had bad B.O. so no Stil for him. He so did not want to let her go he was offering to drive us around more for free AND buy drinks if he could just get her back into that cab but it was not to be sorry Hot B.O. Cab Guy.

We grabbed drinks and gossiped [A LOT] and Stil made me eat raw tuna and we drank saki and went to the music party on the roof and then popped in on Upstairs Neighbor Guy who keeps later hours than I do and also has a totally sexy Southern accent he charmed Stil with and a super cute dog and then Stil charmed Faux Record Guy [who knew that could be done?] who was also there and we got invited to Faux Record Guy’s studio where he showed off fancy sound stuff to prove he is not a “faux” record guy [it so disturbs him I call him Faux Record Guy] and his studio is fancy and actually stunning he has really good taste who knew?

If The Cougher had been around Stil would probably have charmed him too [Stil could charm an angry rhinoceros] but Upstairs Neighbor Guy and Faux Record Guy are both hating on The Cougher — they think he is a crack head and if THEY do not like that guy he must be super bad.

Tragically we did not take photos [well not of us] so no photo love for you. [Okay not really we did did take ONE PHOTO but that is all do not get greedy here sheesh.] Also we tormented L.K. [who I do not have a link for if you would fix that in your profile maybe I could find one L.K. sheesh] and Unzips Guy with inappropriately late and long distance phone calls [phone frenzy yay!] we had to they have deep gravely man voices that just requires inappropriately late and long distance phone frenzy. Luckily for Valliant we do not have his number or we probably would have entered him in the late night phone frenzy manly man accents and voice competition.

I have not been exposed to that much sexy gravely man voice in such high dosage in a while and am still undone by it all but fortunately can blame the saki.


where the art work comes from :
that is all i wanted for christmas by edward olive romantic

21 Responses to carousing with stiletto

  1. WoW
    This is proof…the Suburbs bite

  2. thelizardking

    That rich, gravelly voice can be achieved only through years of good clean living: partying like a Dionysian god, much smoking, and lots of bourbon (or Scotch-scotch-scotch). :)

  3. Too bad, I suspect that would have been a interesting conversation.

  4. max

    That is okay we talked lots about you which is almost as good as talking to you. [wink]

  5. LOL… Take cover L.A.!

  6. You should definitely be making a list of hot parties to crash. With your combo of charm and looks, you’ll easily smarm your way past the doorman with the help of some friendly cater-waiters.

  7. Give us your number, AJ!

    HI! I’m drinking really strong coffee at like some ungodly hour in the morning and standing in the Bally’s mall in gym clothes but alas, no workout for me – sorry but I am not paying $22 for a workout!

    I had such an awesome fabulous time…can’t wait to post pics of your neighbor humping his pitbull! Max you are gorgeous inside and out…and just for the record, everyone, Max has the longest eyelashes in the state of California!

    Ok, bye!

  8. PS Do not feed LK bourbon. I repeat: DO NOT FEED LK BOURBON.

  9. max

    You got online. Yay! No more blog withdrawl.

  10. thelizardking

    Honey, I’m off the rot gut right now, so no worries on that count. LA had has a week to get ready for me.

  11. They can prepare, and you can prepare, but when it all comes down to it – one word – TRAFFIC!

  12. Actually, I am really liking the idea of settling in Vegas…

  13. PS Wait til you see Max’s intensely inquisitive eyes and mile long lashes. I had to ask – are those real? And where can I buy some of those!

  14. max

    Well that cab driver took Sunset to keep you in the cab longer with him Stil. Anyone who knew the city and meant to get somewhere in a timely way would have taken Fountain.

  15. thelizardking

    I’ve been to LA. I don’t think the traffic is that much worse than here. In fact, I think DC moved up in rank as far as worst traffic in the country. I think it’s up to #2.

  16. Max and Stiletto together in LA?

    They allow that?

  17. max

    Who would be brave enough to try to stop it?

  18. Hopefully not the hunks at the fire station!

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