"caribou barbie"


I was reading this post of Anita’s and I guess I missed it in the title because when I hit “Caribou Barbie” in the text I almost spit coke.

That cracks me the hell up.


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  1. My smile will quickly turn to a frown if these agents of “change” manages to pull this off…

  2. max

    I try to believe in humanity. I really do. But this makes it very difficult.

  3. The best comment I’ve gotten on my blogs about McCain and Caribou Barbie was:

    I laughed, I cried, I voted Obama.

    It’s a plan

  4. Caribou Barbie – that is hilarious. If it weren’t so sad. I can’t wait till SNL starts next week.

  5. Anita, that was excellent. Thank you.

    Particularly, my favorite line:

    ‘Oh and FYI

    I was NEVER a Hockey Mom like YOU.

    I Played Hockey.


    an activist from Washington State’

    I’m making it my mission to pass this around on the internet.

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