baby mamma caribou barbie


It has taken forever —

To find an explanation of the Caribou Barbie baby names but Valliant figured it out. Apparently the babies were named after cars, planes and gun parts.

This is an unusual way to name babies and breaks a bit with the tradition of naming children after beloved relatives. I am a little worried too that it will catch on with the Republican crowd and next thing you know small children will be saddled with names like Tractor and Snow Plow.


where the art work comes from :
that is from

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  1. Gun parts??? Oh Hells Bells. Tractor and Snow Plow could be joined by Muzzle and Gun Powder and Barrel!! What is in the water up there anyway?

  2. Be very afraid…they make action figures of Caribou Barbie. Horrifying ones.

  3. max

    Oh wow. Now I am afraid.

  4. max

    Poor bastard. No more ice fishing for him.

  5. I am now getting email about caribous barbie. Gah.

  6. max

    Caribous? Is that like an omnibus?

  7. gads if there are a herd of them up there we are SO screwed.

  8. I wish my Parents had named me Snow Plow. Snow Plow Valliant…my enemies would be scattered before me like dust!

  9. max

    Snow? You would be happy being called Snow?

    What a fibber.

  10. Why does, “You know, you might be a redneck…” come to mind?

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