candy days


There is candy —

In stores today. This can only mean one thing. Halloween. Yes!

Okay two things. Halloween AND Max gets bags of Reeses when she goes to the store now.

Both good things.


It occurs to me, if you date a man who has children you do not have a date for Halloween. His children do.

I am not sure I like this.

I am used to being the only child in a man’s life.


where the art work comes from :
that is from gadnernewf

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  1. Kym

    Max, grownups get to stay up late. Kids trick-or-treat early. The man can date you all! YAY!

    Midnight dates on Halloween create the proper spooky feeling that makes snuggling more interesting and you get to raid the kids’ candy bags if you are very careful and not greedy enough to eat so much you get caught.

  2. max

    You raided your kids’ candy bag?

    That is so wrong.

  3. Dress up and go with them. Free candy, dude.

    Of course you have to raid the kids’ bags, you don’t want their teeth to rot.

  4. Raiding your kids H’Ween treats is part of the tradition- and don’t think it’s easy.

    SOME kids try to hide their stash ( ahem ) and others like mine….think you can reason with parents who used ( ahem ) to go to war with their parents to protect their loot.

    PEEPS make H’Ween treats too

    So do PEZ

  5. Kym

    It isn’t really stealing to eat candy from your kids’ bags–as Kitty rightly points out you are saving them from dental problems as well as protecting them from hypoglycemia/diabetes. Furthermore, like a martyr you are sacrificing yourself to protect any adult who might otherwise have to deal with an oversugared child.

    Sheesh, Max, no wonder you are so skinny. You haven’t learned proper rationalization.

    (Psst, watch stealing the Reeses Peanutbutter cups. They’re favorites and kids tend to count how many they got.)

  6. max

    It is totally stealing. You are bad bad moms. You are stealing candy from your children. Bad moms, bad.

  7. Screw the candy – break out the ouija board!

    [Actually, we can use the Reeses Peanutbutter cups to lure spirits!]

  8. max

    No way, the Reeses are the best. The spirits will have to make do with Milky Way.

  9. My brother is the only person I know who likes Milky Way. Lucky for him, I didn’t have to guard my stash of Snickers by kicking his butt!

  10. max

    Shh, we do not want the spirits to know nobody likes the Milky Ways.

  11. aj

    We do not celebrate Halloween here but make up for the candy consumption daily.

  12. They don’t celebrate Halloween where you live, AJ?

    Max, out of the blue the Old Man said to me tonight, “I like peanut butter and I like chocolate but I really hate them together, like those Reese’s peanut butter cups.”

    Of course I immediately thought of this post! lol

  13. max

    A Republican AND he hates Reeses. You know how wrong that is right?

  14. I live downtown. Children are snatched up into sacks and beaten against parking meters if they are about after dark.

  15. max

    Valliant put those children down. Jeez.

  16. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the absolute best.

    They’re better than anything Godiva makes.

  17. Stil is dating a republican? No way.

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