canadian health care nightmare!


This is just atrocious. No wonder government reps want to protect us from health care reform. Two day waits? Any medical treatment you require? Any doctor you choose? Specialists? In any country? No co pay?

What Satanic conspiracy is this?





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  1. I wonder what our Canadian pals AJ and Rain think.

  2. max

    Probably what most Canadians think, that Americans are loons. Though AJ would find some way to weave a pithy comment about culling the heard in there probably.

  3. refreshing to here this. thanks for posting it.

    i’m ready for a change – the only policy i can get via work requires the first $2,500.00 to come out of my pocket before insurance pays a dime for anything…

  4. Dan

    As a Canadian, I am absolutely amazed that the U.S. is still having this kind of debate. NO one should have to worry about getting sick – as we all do from time to time – and then have to worry about paying for it. Yes we pay slightly more in taxes but I’ll take that any day if I know that medical care – of my choice – is at my fingertips.
    Dan (in Toronto)

  5. max

    Looking for a wife, Dan? :::whistling:::

  6. Dan

    UH… Max already got one but thanks for the offer. Best one I’ve had in years. Hey I’ll let you know if the situation changes…LOL!!
    BTW – Love your blog …. Funny, topical and definitely thought (and conversation) provoking


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