campaign promises; or, the max swim suit centerfold


photo_shootHmm. I still need —


Clearly this voting thing is going to take more convincing. So how do I convince YOU to post and VOTE FOR ME?

Coercion does not work. I tried coercion when I was trying to get you guys to vote on the hotness of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. [Bummer Jensen and Jared they were just not going for it that day.]

So it must be something else. Something for you.

So I think. What could be in it for you? What could be hot enough to get YOU excited about watching a one minute video and voting for me? And it hits me —


LOTS of people around here have asked for swim suit shots. [You know who you are.] A swim suit shot might just do it. Yay!

So. Here is the deal. If I win this video competition, I will post a shot on Celluloid Blonde of a —



[hey do not sneeze at that either in the teen modeling days i was the skinny dip bikini clip girl and i still look pretty hot in a swim suit]


Vote. Make your friends vote. Make your neighbors vote. Make your kids vote. Make your dog vote. Bribe the cat to vote. Get out the vote.

There IS something in it for YOU.


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where the art work comes from :
that is from sherry

0 Responses to campaign promises; or, the max swim suit centerfold

  1. Can you vote more than once?

    Wait, that sounds tawdry. It was not your promise of a centerfold shot that made me suddenly want to ask that question. I came here specifically to ask.



    Max! Cut that out!

  2. max

    LOL! You know you want the bathing suit shot Pooks. Fess up. [wink]

    You can vote once for the same person with one email address. But what people have told me is you can vote again for the same person with an alternate email address. I do not know what the winery people think about that, but it allegedly works.

    One really important thing to remember is to confirm the vote when the Murphy-Goode site generates confirmation email. Without the confirmation, the vote does not get counted.

    [I think a lot of people have voted and not confirmed because a lot more people have told me they voted than I have counted votes for on the site.]

  3. max

    Oh one other thing, they count viewings too.

  4. I might have (ahem) voted more than once from multiple email addresses because I might be (ahem, ahem) sneaky that way.

    And yay on multiple viewings! Done that, too.

    However. Swim suit shot? I am not that kind of girl!

  5. max

    Hey if it gets rugged on the campaign trail I may start promising people swim suit shots of you.

  6. forkboy1965

    As I already voted AND viewed shouldn’t I get a bathing suit picture? Now you have me completely intrigued…

  7. max

    Nopers I am only doing a swim suit pic if I win — go make your neighbor vote too.

  8. Wha — Wait a minute there!

    A job about — WINE?

    You looking for a job in wines?

    Oh, c’mon, have a nice glass of Bordeaux — a Cabernet Franc, I’d say —

    And get back to WRITE!

    Well, I’m sorry I shouted — I was going a little nuts after realizing that…

    [Yes, it’s incredible, it took me three journeys to their website to get the one single thing they were a winery — it must be this crazy summer.]


  9. max

    Marcus. It. Is. A. Writing. Job.

    Go vote for me.

  10. Yeah, sure —

    Well, you got my 4 votes.


  11. max

    Yay! Thank you so much Marcus.

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