bush or dead aka jackson mississippi dog of adventure

I promised to post Jackson Mississippi right?

Jackson Mississippi is a famous dog [okay he is famous to me and that is famous enough no sass] who plays dead when you ask him whether he would rather be George Bush or dead. This is a Quicktime movie too and tragically I do not know how to embed a Quicktime movie on WordPress [probably I need some disgusting software I do not have — oh the chagrin] and also have no patience to figure out. Good thing for you though I do know how to post the link. Yay!

jackson mississippi hates george bush

:::click the little doggy:::

[Something terrible happened messing around with all this code I lost my spiffy header graphic. Ooops. I have to go fix that.]

[Whew, okay, panic over, that is fixed. You were severely panicked right? Hey. Humor me here.]


where this came from :

2 Responses to bush or dead aka jackson mississippi dog of adventure

  1. Free Will At It’s Best.

    Anita Marie

  2. max

    I love that clip. I wish I had the owner’s email I lost all email files in a computer catastrophe so cannot write and tell him his cute dog is online again.

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