burning by dozier bellToday —

I am thinking about Sophia.

Sophia is in Greece and Greece is burning.

Please think good thoughts for her.



where the art work comes from :
that is burning by dozier bell

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  1. Godspeed Sophia of Greece.

  2. Poor Greece. I feel for them!

  3. Greece? Sophia? Is this a metaphor? Anyway…The artist’s work you link to is stunning. Beyond belief, actually.

  4. I am trying to get Sophia to do a guest post on my blog about what is happening in Greece.
    As of about 8 hours ago she was okay. I should hear from her soon.

  5. max

    Thank you Charlie and Stil.

    Kitty, yeah, I am way worried about her.

    Nec, Sophia is one of my workshoppers. She is real. And Greece is really burning. Dozier Bell is remarkable beyond description isn’t she?

  6. I will update you as soon as I hear from her Max.
    I know her mobile is not getting texts, so some networks are probably down. Her internet connection might be down too.
    We’ve been emailing back and forth about the fires so she knows I’m worried. Unfortunately these emails just keep getting worse and worse from her end. I’m having a hard time getting to sleep not hearing back from her yet.

  7. This is truly scary. I heard from her yesterday as well.

  8. californiablogging

    Good thoughts for Sophia and all of Greece.

  9. Crossed fingers here as well.

  10. max

    Thank you everyone.

  11. For a second there I thought you wrote “worshiper” rather than workshopper. I echo the positive thoughts for Sophia and Greece…

  12. max

    I have not started a religion yet Necro. But give me time. [wink]

  13. max

    Sophia has a post up about the fire on Kitty’s blog.

    We have not talked this girl into blogging yet but she will post on the blogs of others.

  14. Sophia told me she left a comment here, maybe it is in your spam folder?

  15. max

    Boy if it is it is probably gone I get snowed with so much spam, unless someone tells me something got lost I just purge it without looking.

  16. max

    I have heard from Sophia she has made it safe back to Athens. The sitch is better in Athens because, although people are still setting fires, the response is immediate and the fires are put out quickly. It is harder in the villages where there is just not enough man power to respond to the fires. More than 140 villages are gone. 3,000 people so far are counted homeless and possessionless with no resources or place to go. The death count is 64 and that does not include the missing.

    She says thank you to everyone who sends wishes.

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