bunkers need feng shui too dammit


calligraphyI keep wondering —

What I would do if I didn’t write for Hollywood any more? I almost do not write for Hollywood anymore. I have been working years to make this one movie happen and it looks a little bleak on that front. So I could real soon be chalking up more years of my life making a movie happen that, hello, does not happen.

[Wow does that suck. Hollywood I so wish I could quit you.]

I keep coming back to feng shui.



I am not sure being a feng shui person would get me a spot in any bunkers if WWIII broke out. I am not even sure feng shui is a profession the international community wants to import if I tried to make a run for the border. But feng shui is something I am good at.



Bunkers need feng shui too dammit.



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  1. Kim

    clever! how have you been. i’ve been absent for too long…

  2. max

    I have been pining for you, you abandoning slacker.

  3. Robert

    Have been trying to contact Stiletto to offer her Google Wave, but I cant seem to find her. Would offer it to you as well for your help in contacting her.


  4. forkboy1965

    Hum….if bunkers need feng shui then maybe prison cells do to? Could be a business opportunity there…

  5. Bunkers sure do need feng shui. Need to make sure the M4s and AKs are in the correct corner.

  6. max

    Hmm, I am thinking either helpful friends corner or fortunate blessings corner, depending on how you view your weapons. Oh hell let’s do both to be sure.

  7. Kim

    back for more… still pining? still name calling? ;)

  8. This is funny. The other day it crossed my mind at random that you would make an excellent feng shui practitioner. Judging by the way your apartment is perfectly set up I think I qualify to make that assessment.

  9. max

    Yay! An eye witness! Yay!

  10. Aneta

    Maybe this is my problem…maybe if i just move my shit around…

  11. max

    [Wait, I take that back, it can hurt if you move stuff to the wrong places, you need the power of Nancy SantoPietro she has some good books out on feng shui.]

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