bums pee on sourgrass


sassing semioticsI am leaving the —

Farmer’s Market. Not the big one by the Guild-that-is-again-trying-to-tank-my-career. The little one by Hollywood and Cahuenga. As I get further away from the central market the crowd clears out. Finally there are just a few people sitting in doorways eating food they got from market vendors.

A woman on some steps has two kids with her. Little kids. Around three or four maybe. She is dressed pretty punk, with a pretty sparkley bracelet that glitters in sun light. She knows I like her bracelet. She smiles at me.


One of the little kids heads into a corner in the steps area and she says, Don’t sit there, come out of the corner. The kid says, Why? [Kids always say why.] She says, People pee in the corners.


I flash to being a little kid with my mom. We are outside a big warehouse. I spot some sourgrass and grab a stalk. [Sourgrass is this little plant that you can bite into and the stem gives you a funny sour taste. I do not know how I know that, I was not a country kid, but I did know that and grabbed the sourgrass.] My mother jumps. Really. A little spring into the air. Don’t eat that! I say [I am a kid so you see this coming right?] Why? She says, Bums pee on sourgrass.


where the art work comes from :
that is sassing semiotics by nurul h

15 Responses to bums pee on sourgrass

  1. californiablogging

    OK I am laughing hard enough to pee…….LOL

  2. max

    I was pretty skeptical at the time.

  3. kymk

    I was a country kid and, while we peed everywhere else, no body peed on the sourgrass–that would be like peeing on truffles in France.

  4. Peeing on truffles – lol!

  5. Kym

    Sourgrass and honeysuckles are the truffles of a country kids life.

    (Max, I think it’s working thanks to you and my email should be also.)

  6. max

    It is working yay!

  7. Your mom is just wrong!

  8. max

    That is what I thought then. That is before I became aware male creatures like to, er — aim. Something legend has it they are not always capable of doing indoors but outdoors? Give them a target and they are on it.

  9. Kym

    I used to work as a janitor for the state parks. Something about the great outdoors made men feel even more manly. They would actually pee on bathroom walls and then the next man would try and pee higher. Men not only like to aim, they like to aim high!

  10. max

    I should try to find this really funny [I think true] story about a men’s restroom where they painted a little fly in the urinals because they found, if you gave men something to aim at? Men did not miss the urinal. But if you did not? Men just got bored and sort of, well, their attention seriously wavered.

    Men are so strange.

  11. Kym

    You know I love to garden but I have a rose I had to give up on. We now call it “The Piss Rose.” Apparently, I planted it in a favorite aiming area!

    Men are beyond strange.

  12. when i was a very young one the family was at the sandiego zoo. we were on one of the buses, yeah they had them that long ago too. anyways, i had to go. the guy stopped the bus and i pee’d off the first step. i got lots of, oh isn’t that cute laughs, or so i’m told. i still can’t pee around folks i don’t know unless i really have to go. badly.

  13. max

    Well not freely peeing in front of strangers is not a bad thing John. LOL

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