eduardo_verastegui_iSo my hot crush —

Eduardo Verastegui supported and promoted McCain Palin. It is hard when a crush is just not right and you have to give it up. But it just does not matter how handsome or pretty someone is if what he or she supports is so so wrong.




*i wonder if mirco would take me back….


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  1. This is when we say: “Just stand there and look pretty.”

  2. Sigh…such a waste of a pretty face.

  3. Kym

    I know. I was so sad to hear Adam Baldwin’s politics but then, I don’t have a crush on him, I have a crush on Jayne…Wait, wait, I don’t think Jayne has politics to be proud of.

  4. max

    It makes me crazy people keep making a presidential election all about and only about pro or anti choice — that is dictated and interpreted by courts not by the president — forget whether or not someone can actually do a good job as president.

  5. Double check Mirco’s politics before you go crawling back….

  6. max

    All of Mirco’s stuff is in French and Italian so hard to tell. Wait, Kitty and Sulya speak French. Maybe they will do recon.

  7. I really don’t get the Republican mind set. I understand that they just see things differently and don’t get me either but the way I parse the World just seems so obvious to me that it’s just mind boggling.

  8. max

    I think a good deal of Republicans currently do not get the Republican party’s mindset because it just is not what being Republican is supposed to stand for. The party seems to have taken off for places other leaving a lot of Republicans wondering who just kidnapped their political party. Republicans have always stood for less government interference but the current administration has implemented more government interference than any administration in history. Republicans have always stood for less spending. But the current administration has sacked the treasury and spent more than any previous administration. And someone is going to have to show me documented proof Republicans ever stood for torture or incarceration without representation because call me crazy, but I just do not remember that being part of the Republican ethic ever — but that is what Bush’s administration and the Republican ticket is about. That and religion which, excuse me, is not dictated by the president, you want religion go see your religious advisor not the president.

  9. I would totally have hate sex with a hot republican if I wasn’t married.

  10. max

    He is a devout Catholic I think you have to marry them to have hot hate sex.

  11. Oh, man, you don’t believe all that stuff about devout Catholics, do you?

  12. I second Kitty’s idea.

  13. max

    Oh no I would probably get all smitten and then be internally conflicted by my disdain for his politics.

  14. Wow, he is really hot. I think it’s your duty to educate him.

  15. max

    LOL — he is shockingly beautiful isn’t he?

  16. He is like the male version of Adriana Lima.

  17. We’re supposed to reach across the aisle.

    You have to do your part, Max.

  18. max

    Jeesh the things I have to do for the team.

  19. Prolifemama

    Eduardo is more incredibly beautiful than most think, as he has turned his life over to Christ His Savior, and is steadfastly dedicated to Him. Eduardo is learning what true love truly is. Any woman’s heart beats faster with powerful longing when she realizes she’s in the presence of a man who can really love her as Christ loves all of us, as persons deserving only love, never to be treated as objects for sexual gratification, including her own. This is true regardless of outward appearance, even one as appealing as that of Eduardo Verastegui. Because of his loving heart, he would still be incomparably beautiful even if horribly scarred by a fire or disease.

  20. max

    Aw, well, the world is a much more enjoyable place for me if he does not get disfigured by fire or disease so let’s not jinx the guy there. [wink]

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