Has anybody noticed the cute new feed at the bottom of the page? That is CelluloidBlonde 1.2 — sort of my way of combining all things blog around here.

I am not sure how successful it is since I am not sure people even look at the bottom of the page. Go look at the bottom of the page.


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  1. Yes, I have noticed it and like it.

    C’est très elegant.

  2. Hey, that is awesome. You are so good with all things web.

  3. max

    I feel all spiff but am never sure anyone else really notices these things unless someone says something. It is kind of like the book. Lately people have been mentioning, Oh hey I read your book. And I am all Scooby Doo, Ruruh? I had no idea.

  4. I noticed it while leaving a comment for another post, it is right under the comment box. But yeah, it is hard to see if I’m just reading posts and not commenting as it is at the bottom of the page.

    I do prefer the layout of your blog, having a bottom bar instead of a sidebar, it is less cluttered looking.

  5. max

    I like some of the blogs that have a picture stream on the right side, but I am not giving up my theme to do that.

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