bring on the fries


anticipation by chaovskySo Sunday is my birthday.

I do the Max thing. I tell people on Thursday that Sunday is the big night and where I will be.

My birthday celebrations are generally an eclectic gathering of who can get free or is free with three days notice. The invites always say rsvp. People never rsvp. My birthdays are mystery nights. The guests are the presents. Surprises. I like them that way.

I get email from one friend he will be there if he survives the Long Beach chili cheese fries eating competition. I wonder if this is wise. I am suddenly glad the party is outside on a roof.

The Long Beach chili cheese fries eating competition features $10,000 in prizes. $4,000 goes to the winner.

I say, Jeez, that is better than a lot of screenwriting competitions.

My friend says, Yes, sadly, chili cheese fries are better than most scripts.

He has a point.

It still seems wrong you can get a bigger prize for eating chili cheese fries — and have better odds of winning — than you can winning most screenplay competitions.


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that is anticipation by chaovsky

13 Responses to bring on the fries

  1. Happy birthday, Max! I hope you’ll be wearing your tiara.

  2. Happy Birthday, Max! I hope your day is absolutely wonderful.

  3. max

    Thanks Toni. And thanks Gwenda, I got sidetracked by tiara enthusiams and forgot to say thanks there oops.

  4. Tiara blindness is an occupational hazard…

  5. max

    Yes. Also you have to watch the magic wand action the uninitiated could put an eye out with that.

  6. Tiaras, wands and chocolate? Could champagne be far behind?

    Happy, happy!

  7. max

    Well no champagne but I am going to stain hell out of my teeth with red wine tonight. Yay!

    Hey I broke the forum it is going to be down a little bit the data base is all screwed up. Um. Ooops. I just do not want to wrestle php on my birthday so it is going to be a day or so before that is fixed unless I get way more wiley than I am feeling like being today.

  8. max

    Okay I lied I could not stand it so I fixed the forum.


  9. Cy

    Wow, scrpitwriters have birthdays??Awesome. As a special present I am sharing my magic wand for one full year, but you must promise to stop running with it!! (remember the scissors rule?)

  10. Happy belated b-day.

    Sigh, I always get to the party late!

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