bri sends a photo


Brian sent me a photo.


I am sure we took like twenty group photos and instead this is one he sneaked when I was not looking. [Bri you are in so much trouble.]

And I have the totally goofy max “oh you think i will believe that” expression in place [which means it is a real whopper me being all credulous and stuff] and also in future I should really reconsider tying bulky black jackets around my hips.

I did say I would post Bri photos though.

I also said I would post a silver band photo.

Voila. “One” Bri photo. Bonus silver band included.


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  1. You are clearly unimpressed by Axel Rose’s banter.

  2. I take that back…he’s clearly the lead singer of “Puddle of mud”.

  3. max

    Tragically, Bri probably thinks of that expression as very me. He forgets often times I am around him I am surrounded by musician guys with impure motives.

  4. Oh, we can do a caption?

    Okay- here ‘s mine

    and I once caught a fish thiiissssss biiggggg too


  5. max

    Oh you fibber your caption would be “And the magical Pez dispenser never again ran out of Pez and the haunted hat pin was put to rest forever.”

  6. Yeah, but I wouldn’t be in the picture cause I’d be on the ground laughing myself into a straight jacket.



  7. But I wouldn’t be in the picture cause I’d be on the ground laughing myself into a straight jacket after saying that



  8. Brut

    “um… well, no. the papers aren’t filed… but, i mean. you know. we’re just living together. it’s not like we’re still married… or anything. you know… er”

  9. max

    Brut for shame, that did not work the five times you tried that line on me and now you are trying to pass it off to this flaxen haired boy?

  10. max

    By the way Valliant shouldn’t you just say you want to kill the guy for talking to me and also want to drag me into your bed?

  11. max

    [ps : do not think I have not noticed everyone is attacking the poor bastard I am talking to to get out of saying i look goofy and not attractive — you fucks]

  12. Brut

    Hey. I think you look gorgeous in that pic. And I really do apologize. Five times? You do deserve better… something more creative, original. As soon as I sell my first script I will work on a new line. I promise.

  13. So Max,if you told these guys here to light themselves on fire and run around in circles would they?

  14. Aw, that’s such a cute picture. I would say the expression is more “uh-huh” than credulous, personally… Your mama didn’t raise no fool.

  15. I think you look fantastic, and I had no idea you knew Bo Bice!!!

  16. tj

    I’m in love…

  17. You have the same look on your face here that I get when I’m talking with a patron @ the Library and discover that he (or she) is insane. I just keep smiling and nodding until I can find a viable escape route…

  18. max

    psst, TJ, Brut is married.

  19. Eddie

    I can’t think of the words to pay you a compliment without sounding either fake nice or real creepy, so I’ll just say:

    Valliant — get your ass to the states already.

  20. Valliant has health care.

  21. max

    It is not Valliant’s health care I fantasize about at inappropriate hours.

  22. Brut

    … and he doesn’t read the sports pages. It would never work.

  23. I’m waiting for Stiletto to show up here.



  24. LMAO:

    Max D. Adams — Health Care —
    Max D. Adams — Health Care —

    Decisions, decisions…

  25. max

    Woeful, Valliant could have me and health care all that requires is a little plundering and abducting.


  26. Ahoy there!

    I wrote before that you look like Tricia Helfer. In this photo, I think that you look very much like a young Sharon Stone…

  27. Oh the Viper room…. Anita I’d be on the ground too but not cause I was laughing…. caption……. ummmmmm

    ” limo left without you, sorry dude”

    You sure are pretty Max.

  28. max

    Aww, thanks, Jennifer.

    Woe, if that is some spurilous attempt to cover up saying I am less desirable than health coverage you will have to try harder.

  29. woe’s in trouble……… woe’s in trouble……

  30. I think you’re highly desirable Max… Then again, I don’t need a kidney :)

  31. max

    It is that “but” in the middle of a statement that will always get you in trouble Woe.

  32. What can I say, I’m getting married in 3 days! Perhaps I’m just blinded by another’s love at the moment :)

    That said, I bet we could’ve done some serious damage together, Max… Never been to the Viper Room, but I did go out with a girl who regularly played bass at CBGB’s. I remember making out with her in Penn Station after a Pixies concert… Good times. LOL, it seems as if I’m getting a tad reflective.

  33. max

    Well do not get the wrong impression that is the one and only time I have been to Viper Room and that was just to see a friend play. Normally it is just me four walls and a hostile computer which is not all that racey.

  34. I have to call you out on that Max……this blog has sex appeal sweetheart!

  35. max

    And the four walls and hostile computer appreciate that. If only they had hot hard bodies.

  36. max

    [and knew how to use them]

  37. I would kick out those neighbors and move into that building myself if it was made from walls like that!

  38. aj

    If we get to make up captions, mine is —

    Bri – “Her tits were about this big..”

    Max – “Ah huh (insert sarcasm here)..”

  39. max

    Okay Bri is a gentleman and would never talk about “tits” mine or others. Jeez.

  40. Cute pic. Wow you are so thin too. And shapely!

  41. You really look like you could kick someone’s ass, Max! Also…dig the shirt!

    Of course we won’t dare lecture you about smoking heehee

  42. Wow you really are adorable. Slightly menacing but adorable nonetheless. Now is that shirt all one piece or is some layering effect going on?

  43. max

    That is layers.

    Adorable and menacing is funny.

  44. It’s like a Happy Meal combo.

    Smells good, looks good, might be a little bad for you but irresistible on most occasions.

  45. max

    You crack me up.

  46. I can’t stop thinking about your wedding. I need to know what happened.

    Will you post about it one day?

  47. max

    Well no. His mother does not need to read a post about that.

  48. covert operation incoming pigeon

  49. His mother reads your blog?

  50. max

    I do not know that she does. I do not know that she does not. He is a man I loved and married. His family was good to me. I will not post personal details of the marriage that could be hurtful to him or to his family. I post a lot of things. Not that.

  51. I am looking at this picture again and trying to figure out who you resemble.

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  53. marco(Stanley)

    Pretty as usual

  54. max

    Thank you, “Stanley.”

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