break this


Artists do not know —

Where the gift comes from or why. They just know they have it and cannot be alive without it. It is not that they think the problem, whatever the problem is, is the door. They just know they would die or be less complete without the art. And if you fix what is broken, when you don’t know what the door is or how it works, what if that somehow walls up whatever it is that gives you access to that brush with God that is the art? That is why artists resist fixing anything that is broken in them. They cannot risk losing that unidentifiable connection to God that is the source of the art.


where the art work comes from :
that is from jamal

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  1. D-

    Feels like reading my diary.
    I’m “likeing” this, like on facebook :)

  2. Laura

    Most astute observation.
    Much appreciated.

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