aguilera You are —

Christina Aguilera

“I’m experimental by nature…always exploring my creativity.”


:::what modern bombshell are you most like:::


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  1. Bombshells:
    Have you got chase on your face,
    scare in your hair,
    rock in your walk,
    you got some hips,
    in your slips,

    how about stars on your scars,
    you got surprise in your eyes,
    do you put the bite into night,
    have you got sin on your skin,

    lol, funny, what kind of bombshell ha ha ha ha

  2. Eva Longoria.


    I was hoping for Morrissey.

  3. max

    Oh those are all good.

  4. Stiletto

    You Are Most Like Charlize Theron

    “I think of myself as a highly sexual creature.”

    What Modern Bombshell Are You Most Like?

  5. max

    Oh cool she comes with elf ears.

  6. May I recant? I went back and see that being “blonde” wasn’t necessarily part of the deal. (Please don’t throw glitter).

  7. Max

    Wow, you are going way back through posts. I did not even remember this post. Yes, you may recant. [smile]

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