body art


body artYou have to go see this site.

It is breathtakingly beautiful : body art. I cannot read most of the site. Is that Portuguese? Or am I just too illiterate to recognize Spanish?

The whole site is amazing. Jen found it. I do not know how she finds these things. She also found We Connect which is THE sexiest blog on the internet. Jen has way better tags than I do. I have to talk to her about that.

Go see that site.


where the art work came from :
that is from alcateia design group news but i cannot
read the site to know who does the body art

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  1. Wowie! The body art site is stunning and that We Connect site is hot. I immediately shared the site with my husband. The Doc and his Wife aren’t just sexy, they’re good storytellers and an inspiring couple.

    Thanks to Jen for sharing.

  2. That was FUN- smart and funfunfun
    Jen should head up a research team for Max’s Gang.

  3. max

    You are both on ignore.

  4. Hello, yes alcateia¨designgroup is a Portuguese blog… but we try to put things in other languages (English, French, Spanish…) please go to, that’s another kind of blog, there we try to show something’s more professional, but I hope you like it.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Jen and Max. The body art site is indeed in Portuguese, so it’s not your literacy that’s in question.

    Just so y’know.


  6. Oh my.

    That is beautiful.


  7. max

    Hi Alcateia. Thank you for the link and for stopping by. Beautiful sites.

  8. Hey. How the heck did I miss Alcateia’s comment?

    Was I just blind, still sleepy, or just plain illiterate?

    I vote for some combination thereof.


  9. max

    It was in moderation. All first comments go to moderation. I think you know someone else who does that.

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  11. not exactly joe’s tattoo’s is it? cool site

  12. Max, you were right it was Portuguese. Smart girl! I never got past the pictures…..

    A side note about “we connect” They have all that with a child kind of like mine! I think that one was a, come down off the ledge, start dreaming again.. kind of karmic find. lol

  13. max

    My new goal in life is to be married to a man who still calls my ass perfect after fifteen years of marriage.

  14. lofty ambitions. But if you can pin linkage with a bobby pin you can do whatever you wish on this planet

  15. max

    Tragically, it is a lot less work to pin a linkage together with a bobby pin than it is to maintain a perfect ass.

  16. I have a secret for it. Ladders…mums the word

  17. max

    Ladders? Really?

  18. inagine, all day you run up and down a 65 degree incline…talk about buns of steel. *L*

  19. I have a perfect ass. It’s so perfect, it grows each year so that more of its perfection is present.

    Maybe I should let somebody paint it.

  20. max

    And do you, Criminy? Run up and down a 65 degree incline all day?

    Pooks, let’s do you in zebra stripes.

  21. nope, about half the day…the rest of the ladders are attached to the equipment. they’re 90 degrees. even better

  22. max

    Gee, Criminy. That would mean you have a perfect ass.

  23. sure. It’s an affliction I’ve dealt with for years. I try to rise above it. *smirk*

  24. max

    I wonder what else is perfect.

  25. trade you…whats perfect about you?

  26. max

    Damn near everything, Criminy.

  27. in my mind i said “the response will be everything.” your modesty is commendable. *s*

  28. max

    Where’s my trade?


  29. nice try…you said you had feminine wiles, not that you were a wily female


  30. actually, i need to run an errand…think it over…i’ll be back

  31. no way you get to count almost everything. its your turn

  32. max

    Do so. I am the girl. That means I get to do whatever I want.


  33. max

    I have to go twist young minds chat with my students now. See you in a while.


  34. good scamper, but the whistle is a dead giveaway that your doing your feminine wiles shuffle

    and i still haven’t gotten an answer…imagine that

  35. the other thing that’s perfect about me is my patience. Feel free to take as long as you need, ask friends, have a contest..i would’ve thought something perfect about you would be ez. *s*

  36. max

    Patience, hmm? You look sort of impatient to me there.

    Honestly, I am a mass of imperfections assembled in a way that is oddly pleasing. No part is perfect, but they sort of all work together.

  37. Hi Max!

    I can’t remember which series of clicks brought me to find this post, but I’m glad I got here. I really fell in love with the body art stuff.

    “My new goal in life is to be married to a man who still calls my ass perfect after fifteen years of marriage.”

    Well, there might be something to be said about failing eyesight after 15 years ;).

    But seriously, a ‘perfect ass’ also has to feel perfect, which often has to do with how perfect the person attached to it is deemed to be.

    It’s years since my ass has looked even remotely ‘perfect’ but apparently it still feels rather scrumptious, which is nice to know.

  38. max

    Ah. So I should fall for a far sighted man. He will always be able to pick me out of a crowd and I will always look soft and beautiful close up.

  39. good answer max. All serious and honest and stuff. If it wasn’t for the butt, I’d be flawed in every possible way, and incredibly ok with it.

  40. max

    It is the only answer I have got if you do not want the fun one.

  41. whoa…..*pulls up short*….whats the fun one?

  42. max

    “Damn near everything.”

  43. so i can just fill it in anyway I like it?

    thanks for the serenity link by the way…i really liked the ending of that movie.

  44. max

    Yes. I am Leggo Max. Put me together however you want.

    One man’s perfect is another man’s not I have been told men dream about my mouth and hands though.

  45. I have no doubt. I’m still trying to work my way around your head, but I’m sure I’ll head lower at some point

  46. you objectified me, i got fresh with you. Though i more meant, nah…frsh is cool…we’ll go with that

  47. max

    You keep talking like you think this is fair and balanced. This is not fair and balanced. I am a girl. You are not. I win.

  48. are a funny girl…i’ve been reading max adams…several things back max adams…you are quite the talented individual. Also, quite busy. 8s*

  49. max

    Well thanks. You are just ensorceled a little. It will wear off in a bit.

  50. great, you cast spells to? what don’t you do?

    I’m not done reading excess baggage, but it’s got a nice catchy start to it.

  51. max

    Ah. You are reading SeeMaxRun. That is a big site. It will take you a while.

    I do not sky dive. Also I avoid large predatory animals with teeth that like to eat small mammals the size of, say, Max. And I do not cook well. Oh. Also, I do not hike or run — unless I am being chased by large predatory animals with teeth that like to eat small mammals the size of, say, Max. Then I run real fast.

  52. i now know more about you than I did. It’s a start.

    what about small predatory animals with delusions of grandeur?

    that is a big site. You are prolific, and not boring. I have time

  53. max

    Well that site turns seven years old on the 14th, it did not get that big over night.

    Small predatory animals — are you talking about the lustful bunny?

  54. he’s not carnivorous as of this writing, but he does have his preferred assault technique.

    I enjoy your writngs. So broad based. Your knowledge of tupperware was absolutely astounding, and squirrels throwing lemons is a visual to die for.

    i must to bed…it is fun reading you. Your quite a rare talent. and I’m not just saying that because I’m ensorcelled. i don’t think i can be ensorcelled.

  55. max

    Criminy, you going soft on me?

  56. i’m not sure how you meant that, but it’s unlikely..have a day. *S*

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