bobbie faye's very very very very bad day


bobbie faye’s very bad day by toni mcgee causey




That is Bobbie Faye’s Very [very, very, very] Bad Day: A Novel by Toni McGee Causey. Toni rocks. Rumor has it the Bobbie Faye character is at least partly based on, um, me. [Okay listen they dropped those grand theft auto charges and also that bank was totally an accident.] The book comes out today. Go buy it. Right now. I am not kidding. Go get it. Scoot.




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[also there is a fun trailer yay!]




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  1. Oh yes……. hit the bookstore, make sure it is up front and center.
    I am going to try not to read it in one sitting. I need something good to read in waiting rooms.

  2. It’s a bible for all of us….hmmm, independent types…so go read it and then make your friends read it too.


  3. max

    I am so looking forward to the book too. It is winging its way to me as I type. I have known Bobbie Faye since she was just a few scenes on a page. It is going to be very cool to see her all grown up with her own book jacket.

    Also, she swears. A lot. I like that in a girl.

  4. Oh this is awesome! I was looking through some of her site yesterday…definitely plan on buying the book through Amazon…do you think she will give me an autograph?

    Love the trailer, too…are they shooting a series? Who shot this? It’s really quite good! The girl reminds me of Reese Witherspoon!

  5. max

    I do not know if she is going on a signing tour or not. We should ask.

    I know she was involved in making the trailers, which are really fun. I do not know the whole story there either. I will hunt her down. We need answers.

  6. This character is just up my alley…and a very nicely done trailer, too. Unfortunately, here in Washington, you get too many wannabe film people who think their stuff is good and you go to work with them and it’s nothing but one disappointment after the other.

    This trailer, on the other hand, has actors who seem capable, it’s not cheesy and it looks professionally done. Highly impressed!

  7. max

    I am pretty sure Toni produced that. She is radically driven and talented.

  8. That trailer is hysterical.

  9. max

    “We already did the Alamo. We are not doing Bobbie Faye.”

    I just love that.

  10. I also love, “Bobbi Faye is always in trouble, what sort of trouble is more the question..” Ok, I didn’t quote it right, but you know what I’m talking about!

  11. max

    Yes. “You’re going to have to be a little more specific.”

  12. Always like an actor. Trying to change the writer’s words lol

  13. max

    I may have not gotten it exactly either, but I was a little closer for sure. [wink]

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  15. You are in Hollywood. It’s in your blood.

  16. Aw, man, you guys just so totally made my day. Completely.

    Jennifer, you cracked me up. I hope you do read it in waiting rooms and I hope it makes you laugh. Then people will see.. and wonder… [evil plan to put BF in all waiting rooms hatched…]

    Anita Marie… wow. Thank you! She really is the bible for us independent types. I know she’s actually made me more determined. (I know, scary thought.)

    And truly, this word of mouth thing is the key. The only key, really, for books like mine. (I kept telling my family… that I not only don’t know several thousand people… I don’t have enough blackmail photos on the ones I do know to make sure they go buy the book. This whole “word of mouth” thing has me sort of terrified. [grin]

    Max, I so needed to see that line about swearing a lot. I just had such a frustrating experience with a major event here, because the woman in charge had sort of dropped the ball on doing what she said she was going to do with the book. And it turns out, she didn’t even know what a publisher was, “what is it they do again?” and she also thought that since Bobbie Faye swore, that the book must be porn. Porn. I swear, I almost went Bobbie Faye on her ass right there. Geez. So thank you.

    Stiletto, I will be very happy and quite honored to give you an autograph. I’m going to get some bookplates that people can peel and stick inside their books and that way, I can mail it to anyone who wants. Would that work for you? And if so, email me your address (use the email link on my site if that’s okay).

    I’m only going to a limited amount of places: Dallas (May 10th), several here in Louisiana (including the Contraband Days Festival in Lake Charles where the book is set), and then I’ll be in New York June 4th. My original theory on doing a book tour when we first sold was that no one would know about the book yet so going on tour seemed an intense waste of money. Publishers have to pay co-op fees to bookstores which host signings and then if they have to fly you and put you up in hotels, it gets expensive… and for not all that much publicity, even if you manage to generate some locally. I asked, instead, that they put the money they would have spent on a tour for me toward some national publicity, which they did. I have several people, though, who’ve asked me to come to the L.A. area, so we’ll see.

    Let’s see… trailer. I produced it and wrote it and my friend Jason Furrate directed it and Andre Chapoy edited it. They are pretty amazing (Jason’s done over 5000 commercials and music videos.) I thought the actors were pretty good, but when I do the next one (this summer) for book two, one of the things I’ll do differently is take a little time before each shoot and do line readings and then talk to Jason to make sure he knows what I want. We hadn’t quite worked out how we’d work together in the beginning and we didn’t do quite enough of that (and it shows, to me). I’d also make it shorter. This whole 1 page=1 minute thing is real. Who knew? [wink]

    Oh, and all of those lines came directly from the book so I hope you all enjoy it!

    I’m having a contest over on my site (if you click on news then look to your right and click on contests and it’ll take you there).

    Thanks, everyone! Sorry it took me so long this evening to get back over here.

    And Max, you completely, forever, totally rock.

  17. ooops, also meant to thank Michele! So glad you liked it.

  18. max

    I so hope that woman is not breeding. The gene pool is shallow enough as it is.

  19. Toni, thanks so much. I don’t have a PO Box but I’ll think of some other alternative. BTW, good luck with everything!

  20. Max, your influence is far reaching.

    I passed the book in Barnes & Noble, and before I could say no, my hand grabbed it, my legs walked it to the register, and my debit card leapt out of my purse and bought it.
    I’m about 1/4 of the way through, and am loving every moment.
    Now send me your complete list of Required Reading please. Thanks.

  21. max

    Bethy, I am so glad you got it. Yay!

  22. Yeah, that’s a better idea. The bookstore. That why I can get a mid day caffeine fix and look for cuties. I mean books.

  23. max

    Watch our for the self help aisle, I head people go in there and never come back out.

    I was thinking about required reading, I think Cynthia Heimel belongs on that list, she has written [among other things] Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth, I’m Kissing You Goodbye. Anything by her is great. It is essays though not fiction.

  24. ever read any Margaret Atwood?
    A Handmaid’s Tale is my favorite book ever.

  25. max

    I am loosely familiar with her work but have only read excerpts of Handmaid’s Tale. People I know rave about it but I suspect it would be so depressing I would want to cut myself.

  26. max

    Ooh la la. My copy of Bobbie Faye just showed. This is so cool. Now all I have to do is steal time to read it.

  27. thebethy, so glad you’re enjoying it! And Max, if I had to read the amount you had to read right now, my eyes would stage a revolt. I don’t see how you do it.

  28. max

    It may be August before I get to play with Bobby Faye. I am likely to rebel at some point though and run off with her early.

  29. max

    Say, I have it on good authority Toni did a signing in Dallas last night that rocked the house and kitty took pictures yay!

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