blonde roulette day


It is —

Blonde Roulette Day!



:::play blonde roulette:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from cereal killer 72

0 Responses to blonde roulette day

  1. I got “international women’s day.”

  2. brut

    Aug. 21st is National Sex Day in Canada.

    Don’t miss it.

  3. max

    That seems really right for you Michele.

  4. aj

    “Deceived” – February 18 , 2007

    This cracks me up as it is a post where you are whinging about me. Probably one of many. But lucky for me I interpret this as love.

  5. max

    That is pretty funny.

  6. I got the “the boys outside.”

    I wish. Did I tell you about my new neighbor? Strapping 6’2 dark haired blue eyed Irish guy? Even the Old Man said he was hot.

  7. max

    I just read about your hot neighbor. I am in lust coveting him from afar.

    [How hard would it be to snap covert photos for the blog I wonder?]

    I have a new neighbor. Sadly he is nothing like your neighbor, he is 5’8″ and surely definitely gay. It is just a question of what kind of gay — gay and inviting neighbors by for chocolate martinis gay would really work for me.

  8. If my evil mother made chocolate martinis I might go hang with her. Chocolate martinis – a device of the devil?

  9. max

    Oh they are so good. And absolutely deadly.

  10. Like they say, choose your poison…

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