blonde roulette day yay!


jean_b_i.pngToday is Blonde Roulette Day.


Click the pretty blue link :

:::pretty blue link:::

Go on. I dare you.


Oh, and my new project. My new project is going back and giving the 2006 posts images. I did not post images back then. Mostly posts were all text. So this is kind of like a puzzle to me. Pick a post, think about it, find an image for it.

I am not going very fast. But I figure by the end of 2007 most of the 2006 posts will have images. I am through jan | feb | march and working on april now.


10 Responses to blonde roulette day yay!

  1. very nice, sexy, must come back after dark or at least after more coffee.

  2. random blonde hidden behind pretty blue ink. i got a cat story, followed by a dog story. It must be animal day. Where did I put that damn goat

    hi max

  3. max

    That is very cute.

  4. Stiletto

    I am on my grandather’s computer and yours is the first blog I went to as I know that whatever I click will be safe!

    I think.

  5. Stiletto

    Of course, knowing my luck, the blog entry titled OH FUCK ME will pop up!

  6. max

    Wow I do not know whether to be honored or offended.

    [I have got to do something about that R rating]

  7. Well, he will see the words BLONDE and he will instantly be memorized and not notice any thing else on the page. Ah, the power of the flaxen haired!

  8. max

    Bleach is my friend.

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