ten things i learned in hollywood

  About Restaurants : Beware the salad it is an art form in Hollywood and does not arrive in nice manageable bite size chunks. About Cell Phones : If a cell phone is going to cut off mid-conversation it will cut off during the most important part of the conversation. About Parking Lots : The […]


meme what?

  Okay Pooks has been — Explaining memes to me. [Yipes.] So, um, here I am playing well with others doing a freaking “meme.” [I do not really have to send this to anyone do I? To me this looks like an advanced version of email chain mail and those are annoying as hell but […]


my glass heart

        So. It is 2006. A bright new shiny year. Full of potential.       In a bright new shiny apartment. No more crazy landlords. No more crazy roommates. Just me. The bed. The desk. I sold off most of the furniture in the enormous storage unit I just about called […]