Max Birthday Hair 2024 Yay!

new birthday hair!

This is totally Shane Black’s fault. He posted this fun link to a page that did photo altering stuff titled something like “What You’d Look Like as a Super Model” and of course I went right over there and hit it and then the image it kicked back looked really good. Wait, whut? Here is […]


We Have Office! And Floor!

the great box struggle

Each time I move, I face the same struggle. The boxes. Me: They are great boxes! Also Me: Recycle them. Me: The packing material was expensive! Also Me: Recycle it. Me: But but but but but — Also Me: We’re not paying for storage for a year to save moving boxes and packing material. Me: […]


Moving Day

move day!

Move day is tomorrow. Moves are NOT feng shui. I’m going to miss these windows. The new place has pretty windows too though. I will show you after I get up and running there. Also half my damn move is file boxes. Lots and lots and lots of files. Urk. It is time to roll […]


Cue Sound Test, Max

sound test!

So you know I’ve been working on these video classes since, well maybe since before Jesus was born I do not know I am losing track of time here at this point but a long long long long time. Ahh! But! I think I have nailed sound and lighting (light a candle for me) and […]


happy holidays!

I have not forgotten you. I have just been sort of distracted by other life things. One of those life things is sorting out classes for 2024 and putting butts in seats in classes and such and also I get distracted by graphics because I really love graphics so then I trot off and make […]