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horses france iiI heard something —

Interesting the other day. It went along the lines of, Quit blaming God for the works of man.

It made me think. War? Yep. That is man. Theft, murder, rape? Yep, man again.

You can chalk floods and fires up to God, except for those instances when, you know, the flood is a result of man clearcutting every tree that might have stopped that flood or screwing up a river with a damn. And then there are those pesky fires started by, um, man again.

Car accidents? Well as far as I know, God does not drive.

Draught? Okay that one is totally God’s. Unless, um, again, that clear cutting thing had something to do with it and also there is that little climate prob everyone knows about and talks about but no one is doing anything about.

Seems to me we spend an awful lot of time blaming victims and blaming God and not too much blaming the actual perps.

‘Course the zit on my nose. That is all God.



7 Responses to blame it on god

  1. this morning is his fault, too

    morning max

  2. Nothin’ like the ol’ Acts of God defense.

    A lot like golfers who choose to continue play during a thunderstorm, get struck by lightning, and then claim that their faith in Jesus keeps them going in the ICU.

    Zits. Hear ya.

  3. I found it interesting that you used the noun “man” throughout your post. *Whistles and rolls my eyes.*

  4. I think it’s fun blaming god for everything. He takes it like a man!

  5. Cellulite – definitely an act of God.

    Of course I personally know nothing about it. I think.

  6. max

    Cellulite. Grrr.

    Not that I have any personal experience with that. But it plagues Mother Superior something fierce.

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