blame it on aj


zen ajIt started with —

The internet blackout of 2006. My internet connection crashed — and stayed crashed — for a damn week. AJ’s hard drive melted. Kitty’s PC died and could not be revived by man or N.A.S.A. space engineers. Half the workshop was hurled offline to stumble around in the dark of real time real space. It was computer catastrophe. It took out two continents. And the fallout lasted months.

I am not kidding.


When the rubble cleared we staggered, trembling, back to our keyboards, and found out why.

AJ had been charring a Zen garden rake.

Yes. A Zen garden rake.

That was supposed to be used to rake sand for Zen complacency —


That is so Zen garden abuse. And so not feng shui.

And it took out two continents.


AJ was not even allowed to light a candle for ages, after.

And ever since? If something even vaguely goes wrong?

We give AJ the eye.


ps: never in my life did i imagine putting a southpark image on this page but that just does look like aj which to me is too funny to not do


16 Responses to blame it on aj

  1. Hey AJ started a new blog because of this post. I suspect there will be more cussing.
    It’s so damn good to have AJ.

  2. max

    I suspect there will be erroneous photos of a rake that allegedly survived charring.

  3. She’s gotta at least show us that. She owes us.

  4. max

    It could be a substitute rake. She is wiley.

  5. There may be nothing left of the rake. There ought not be anything left of that thing, there is nothing left of my hard drive.

  6. max

    Poor AJ? AJ did not have to beg a keyboard at the Academy for a week to stay on top of her classes.

  7. aj

    Thank you, Michele.

    Also, the rake is made from a metal so it did not burn down, it more disfigured.

    I will photograph the rake and wait for your apologies to flow in.

    Now, as my self esteem has been squashed by your endless taunting, I will go sit in the corner and shudder like the delicate flowers I am.

  8. max

    “Delicate flower” with a pentagram and a sword, you mean.

  9. aj

    It’s a disguise.

  10. max

    I’d recognize those ballet slippers anywhere.

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  12. aj

    You and Kitty and conducting a smear campaign. Sigh.

  13. aj

    hmmm, make that “and” “are” and you have a sentence.

  14. max

    Hey, it is not a smear if it is true.

    Nifty avatar. I like that.

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