bizarro the optimistic


666 call meWaiting for pizza.

Some bizarre person keeps calling me dialing the wrong number. Each time the phone rings I go, Yay! Pizza! Each time it is Bizzarro. Like waiting 10 minutes before re-dialing the SAME wrong number is going to get a different outcome?


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  1. Faig M

    Loved this. Very Zen. The question a perfect punchline.

  2. Bummer. In the midst of another blizzard here (we missed that last one that hit DC) in NY I’m waiting for a grocery delivery. Bummer for delivery people too.

  3. max

    I just cannot imagine being a delivery person in blizzard ravaged East Coast right now.

  4. Perhaps your caller was tapping his or her shiny red shoes together between calls.

  5. max

    People with shiny red shoes have more direction. It was an assault on pizza hopefulness. I am bitter.

  6. It had to be one of those damned flying monkeys then. They do that sort of thing.

  7. max

    Damn those monkeys.

  8. That begs the question, how does one damn something already damned? Bless it?

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