birthday max


max paper doll

It is Birthday Max Day.


Also it is Anniversary Pooks Day.

Happy Anniversary Miss Pooks.


[The image I would put up here by the way is the Max Paper Doll but there is a sort of complication there the Max Paper Doll is on the other computer which is in the closet and also on the slide show except access to the slide show is also on the other computer uh oh.]

[Maybe I should pull the other computer out of the closet but not today today is my birthday you will just have to go see the slaughtered slide show to see it it is right up there, that link that says “slide.”]

[Wait do not despair I hacked into my slideshow and the max paper doll is up after all yay!]

Love and Kisses,

Your Birthday Adams Girl


where that max doll comes from :
that is me playing a little fast and loose with another paper doll

32 Responses to birthday max

  1. Happy Birthday, Max. I raise my glass to you.

  2. Happy Birthday, Max! I hope you have the best day of your life!

  3. Happy Birthday Max and here’s some music from the highlands for you…well, sort of.


    Anita Marie

  4. Happy birthday, Max! May this day not only be wonderful, but may it be only the beginning of a fantastic year for you.

  5. Happy birthday Max. Cheers.

  6. max

    Thank you. Wow everyone is up late tonight.

  7. Brut

    Happy Birthday Max.

    Brut (for life, huh?)

  8. Kym

    (I’m so confused. . .Isn’t that the Max paperdoll???)

    Happy Birthday girl.I’m wishing you that cute delivery guy today.




  10. A birthday and a gift of closure to the writer’s strike. Me thinks the folks at the table just knew it was time to reach agreement so they could celebrate your day in good conscience.

  11. Sister Pot & Kettle

    Happy Birthday Max!! I’m sending tequila shots from Houston!

  12. Happy birthday from Western Australia, Max.

  13. livingincine

    Happy birthday, Teach’.

    -Joel “Wishing Well” Rose

  14. Dan

    Happy Birthday, Max!

  15. Happy birthday to tbe best bunny of all!

  16. max

    Thank you all.

    Gwenda, you crack me up. Bunnies! Yay!

  17. I’m a little late; sorry! Happiest of happy birthdays! Us Aquarians are so very wonderful, not?

  18. max

    We are. Thank you Chesh and Ginny.

    Hey, the strike ended at 7 pm tonight. That is a nice birthday present.

  19. “Hey, the strike ended at 7 pm tonight” – that is wonderful news!

  20. max

    Yes it is. I am half blind pulling links to post about it.

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  22. Happy birthday, Miss Adams. You are a very cool lady.

  23. max

    Thank you Valliant.

  24. blete

    happy birthday Max. I am always late with things.

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