birthday frenzy

birthday shoesThe birthday is turning into a comedy of errors. Since I am a total cyborg and hate all things phone I made a concerted effort last Monday to send an email a week in advance saying, Hey, birthday on the roof next Monday.

Every piece of email going to an aol address bounced.

Those were cc’s. I tried one individually. No can do. Another aol bounce.

[AOL has nazi spam filters that are aberrant and are always changing out and do things like if you cc three people with a birthday invite notify your isp that you are a spammer and once that got an important account suspended with my isp and I have been mad at aol over that ever since it took work to get that lifted aol nazi’s.]

So, meanwhile, total silence. And I am thinking, Jeez, I am so unloved here, nobody? Maybe I should just bag this whole birthday thing and have a nice merlot by myself. And then today I get a phone message [natch from someone on aol] saying, How come I heard about the birthday from strangers? Are you mad at me?

So. Strangers know about the birthday. People I know think I am mad at them. And I have lost track of who even got invites at this point.

The roof is going to be so interesting come Monday.

Meanwhile, go VOTE ON THE SEXY HOT TV DOC POLL. I left that up a whole extra day and know 200 people cruise through here every day there should be more votes you slackers.

Love and Kisses,

Your Confused and Estranged Birthday Girl

17 Responses to birthday frenzy

  1. Hey Max…in your honor I will go to the top floor of my place on Monday ( it’s the Seattle Lighting and Fixture Store in Pioneer Square) and I’ll send you a birthday wish…can’t do the Merlot thing because employers sort of have this thing about drinking on the job.

    Have fun
    Anita Marie

  2. max

    Oh how cool. Thanks, Anita.

  3. Oh, I’ll listen to James Taylor’s “Up on a Roof” on your birthday.

  4. max

    You will do that inside though right Kitty? It is too cold in Texas to be on the roof and you were just sick.

  5. I will raise a glass of wine to your b-day as well. And not just because I’ll be in super exciting Kirksville, MO, the party capitol of the world. Wait, that is why I’ll do it: I’ll have to crate my own party (or co-opt yours).

    I don’t have a Merlot, but I will raise either a Malbec or a Gewurtztraminer (depending on mood). Happy birthday (in advance).

  6. Damn, I had an invitation to hang out in Cali with an Ethan Hawke lookalike….I totally would have come partied on the roof with you!

    But I decided to be good. My loss!

  7. PS You are so loved – stop pretending! lol

  8. max

    Okay. I am loved. [wink]

  9. aj

    One word: cupcake.

  10. max

    Also brutalized by the cupcake police.

  11. You are right AJ you are relentless with this cupcake thing, I have to blame you. Although, I agree with you too. ……. Max, a cupcake would be the perfect Birthday Breakfast! Especially, if you were born in the morning, then you almost have too….

  12. You may just have to pick up the phone.

    I have aol email you are scaring me here. How many emails am I missing?????

    Happy happy birthday, Max.

  13. max

    I was born in the morning maybe I had better give this cupcake breakfast thing a whirl.

    Michele I do not use your aol email I use the other one so you should be okay I would come poke you on your blog if it was not working like I did with AJ when her email went down.

  14. 1. happy birthday max
    2. i’d lift a glass in your honor if ‘they’ had not taken away the wineglass 11 plus years ago. those bastards.
    3. how can any rational misanthrope/recovering-addict not go for hugh laurie in the Hot Doc pole? mmmmm yummy
    4. your 5150 forum… ya know i grew up in california and 5150 means a little something special there. not that anyone of the bi-polar persuasion would have heard tell of such things.
    5. i beg and pray for a pair of birthday shoes just like yours. pardon the phrase but… kick ass.

  15. max

    Thanks, Rachel.

    I grew up in California too. It is a writing workshop. I figured the name fit.

  16. Sophia

    It’s the 12th here. I’m already having a cool glass of red wine while devouring a marvelous piece of chocolate cake. Happy birthday, you!

  17. max

    Yay! Red wine and chocolate cake are a perfect combo.

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