birds are difficult



I took trash out —

At a freak early morning hour.

[This happens when I am up too late I get crazy about trash.]

Bird calls went out.

Bird calls are never something you can totally interpret. They are bird calls. And humans and birds do not think the same. But you get enough of the same bird calls saying the same thing? You have an idea.

The birds were saying I was out again. There was food.


This was of course wrong, I was taking out trash, not putting out bird food. Or very bird manipulative. [Do birds get guilt?] Because, after that call went out, I had to put out bird food. Also raven food because the ravens heard the sparrow call and started talking too.

Birds are difficult.


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  1. forkboy1965

    At least yours sound polite…..our birds begin the calling around 6:00 a.m. and I’m pretty certain they are saying “Hey asshole. Wake up and feed us before we shit all over your deck.”

    It’s sort-of a love/hate relationship….

  2. Kym

    One time when I was raising two fledglings, I ended up hunting so hard for grasshoppers and feeding so frequently that, at night, images of crunching grasshopper heads would swim in and out of my head. Maybe birds have some sort of avian to human telepathy that can induce food feeding behavior in women?

  3. max

    I see I am not the only slave to birds here. That is funny.

  4. I used to raise pigeons. We hand fed a lot of babies–they are so like dinosaurs. I loved watching as they grew how they would start to take notice of their environment. I could imagine them 12 feet tall looking down at me with their little sideways head bobs.

    I’ve had chickens, too. They have different words for different animals that they see–you can hear them change their sounds. They also have a word for “wormy”, which I would give them.

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