big time crush


666 call meOkay apparently —

Someone has a crush on me. I know this because I keep getting urgent email from “Big Time Crush” telling me so. And if I will just hand over my cell number and credit card info, hey, for the paltry fee of $120 per year charged conveniently to my cell phone bill I will get three text messages a month from people I do not know and have never met and do not want to know or ever meet who are loitering in text message basement security facilities just lusting for me [and also for two million other people actually stupid enough to do this but hey who is counting?].

Okay just stop that.


ps : big time crush you just made the people who suck list


5 Responses to big time crush

  1. Oooh. Party line! You mean those text messages don’t actually come from women in hot tubs?

  2. Corporate America has a crush on Max!

  3. I find it funny that your representative photo has the number “666.” Like I’d want Satan as my big time crush!!

  4. max

    All the text messages to you come from sexy girls in hot tubs Dave it is just mere mortals who are getting the basement party line.

    [Whew got out of that one quick.]

  5. At this point, Max, I’d take a text message from Satan’s second cousin as long as she was hot (lol!) I overdid myself on that play on words.

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