bicycles go two ways


A long time ago —

I hit guy on a bicycle. I was in a car. He was on a bike. Like most things work, he with the most technology wins. And the car won.

No one was going real fast. I had pulled into a station, was just pulling out.

And he was riding on the wrong side of the road.

[If you are going to ride with traffic, you are supposed to go the same way as traffic.]

Having been hit by cars before, I knew the right ettiquete: Offer him a ride. [I wish I had known that the day I got hit and had to limp all the way home carrying my own damn bike.] And what it would cost to fix his tire. A few bucks to get the spokes pulled out. Or, buy a new front tire.

[No one ever does the new tire route. I do not know why. Something about the “original bike.”]

The guy’s friend was really ugly. I think he was planning an assault on the White House. Or at least on my finances for the next sixty years. Note to the wise: The White House would have been more profitable.

It cost him less than $40 to have his wheel spokes pulled straight and he called to let me know.

His friend is still an asshole.


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where the art work comes from :
that is from peter christoph

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  1. I got hit in a cross walk a couple of months ago the driver took a free right and there were a bunch of people in the cross walk and guess who got hit?

    I still have problems feeling in my right hand and I think I’m lucky because he wasn’t exactly moving slow.

    I just wish he’d have stopped to at least say he was sorry.It was just a stupid accident and I could have let it go…

  2. max

    He didn’t stop? He hit you with a car and did not stop?

    Anita, we have to hunt down whatever gypsy woman you made mad and give her silver to lift the curse.

  3. I never did get that either about the spokes.

  4. max

    It is odd. Half the bike people are running around replacing everything on the bike with new improved parts like it is the bionic bike or something and the other half is running around treating the bike like it is a car that is more valuable with original parts. This causes confusion for me but the bike people seem to have it figured out.

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